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Privacy Policy

We do not share, give away, sell, or in any other way release personal information (names, addresses, e-mail addresses, etc.).

We protect all personal information to the best of our abilities.

IP addresses of visitors are recorded to count the number of visitors we have, and for security purposes.

Clicking on some links on our site may take you to another web site that uses cookies to track your usage.

Note: In the event of criminal investigations, we cooperate with law enforcement agencies. In these cases, normally, information you give us may only be released to a law enforcement agency, after due process and proper court issued warrants. However, if any illegal, harassing, or unethical communications are sent to us or connected to us, or any similar "bad" things, these may be released along with the senders information, without court issued warrants, at our discretion. And, all information we have on anyone attempting to hack our site will be released immediately to our Internet supplier, and to other parties as necessary, at our discretion.

In other words, we respect your privacy, and we do our best to protect all your personal information that is shared with us.


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