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Email Discussion Group
In the past, our email discussion group has been a great way to meet and keep in touch with other Catholic home schoolers, and to share information on Catholic curriculum, activities, websites, resources, news, etc. However, it's pretty slow right now. If you would like more information, please click here..

Western Canadian Catholic Home School Conference

The Western Canadian Catholic Home School Conference is coming up in March. This is a great conference, in Edmonton, Alberta. Take advantage of their earlybird registration, too. Please check the WCCHSC website for more details, and to register.

Pauline Books & Media

This is a great source for great Catholic books and resoruces.

"Pauline Books and Media is a mission of the Daughters of St. Paul. For over 100 years the sisters have been giving Christ to the world through every possible form of communications. the Daughters of St. Paul carry out their mission in the spirit of Saint Paul using technology, publishing, outreach, and media education. Together with dedicated staff, creative authors, illustrators, designers, and cooperators in our mission, we are excited to walk with you on your journey with the Lord."

Visit their new webstore here: paulinestore.ca

Holy House of Our Lady and St. John

The Holy House of Our Lady and St. John is an integrated educational programme that honours the theological order of the domestic Church, affirming parents as the primary educators of their children. Holy House offers two programmes: an authentic Catholic Montessori Preschool Programme and a Homeschool Enrichment Programme for students in Grades 1-12. All programmes at Holy House are informed by the knowledge that children are persons with dignity and a supernatural destiny.

The wholesome environment of Holy House allows each child to mature academically and in virtue with gentle and charitable guidance. Studies are meant to emphasize and nurture the intellectual, historical, artistic and spiritual gifts of the faith. The ultimate goal is for students to discover the influence and beauty of Catholicism in every aspect of culture and their own lives, growing in holiness and drawing ever closer to the Triune God.

Phone: (403) 764-6827
Email: holyhousecalgary@gmail.com
Website: HolyHouse.net

St. John Choir Schola

St John Choir Schola is a non-profit homeschooling organization begun by enthusiastic parents and inspired by a common vision in Catholic education. If you are looking for an alternative to public education, consider our unique program. Please visit our website for details regarding our mission and the services we offer to families.

Contact: Connie Meckelborg
Email: execdirector@sjcschola.ca
Website: www.sjcschola.ca

Catholicism Series

An amazing video series on Catholicism, by Fr. Robert Barron (now Bishop Robert Barron). Check out the video trailers on their site: www.catholicismseries.com.

Bishop Robert Barron's Daily Gospel Reflection

Bishop Robert Barron, who did the awesome Catholicism series on DVD, also sends out a Daily Gospel Reflection, on the Gospel from the Mass each day. It is quite short - it only takes a minute or two to read it, but it is very powerful. It's a great way to get fed everyday, especially when you are busy, and it's free.

If you are interested in getting it, you can sign up for his Daily Gospel Reflection, here:

They also has lots of great Catholic resources on their main website, here:

Credible Catholic.com Website

This is an excellent website with lessons on the basics of Catholicism, based on Fr. Robert Spitzer's work. They have a bunch of modules that are Power Point type presentations, with images, graphics, video clips, etc. and most of the screens are read by professional narrators. And they have presentations for age 15+ and for 12+. They are all free and available without having to register. You can just go there and check them out. The 7 Essential Modules are excellent, and a great place to start.

Catholics Come Home Website

For our friends who have left the Catholic Church, this is a great inspiring site and organization, that encourages and helps people to return to the Catholic Church. Check out the videos on their site:

Our Educational Catholic Links Page
A few links to some great Catholic websites.


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